Available courses

This course provides you with an introduction to equality and diversity including what the terms mean, how the law protects individuals and groups, why equality and diversity are so important in the workplace and wider society and how your unions play a crucial role in achieving equality of opportunity for all. You will also find out how you can get more involved in the movement towards equality.

This course explains how to start and keep running a blog that works for you because it works for your audience. It’s about the technical decisions you’ll make and the existing creative freelance skills you’ll exploit to make a blog work to meet your objectives.

This course is for those who wish to find out more about creating a brand that will help raise awareness of what they do.

We look at the basic brand building tools that will help you develop your brand concept and communicate your brand identity.

This course is for those of you who want to understand more about developing a web presence that helps you showcase your work and make it easier for clients to locate you online.

It contains several practical exercises that will help you work your way through building and updating your online profile through various media such as websites, Facebook and Twitter.

This course is for creative freelances from Equity, the MU, the NUJ and the Writers’ Guild who want to get to grips with the business skills that help to gain more work and create work continuity.

The course aims to provide you with an overview of the key skills and activities that are important to run your freelance business including sales, marketing and managing clients.

It is designed to help you assess your current strengths and pinpoint and improve upon your weaknesses so that you attain more work in your chosen field and increase your earnings.

You'll find a range of information, practical tips, examples and downloadable templates to aid the learning process.

This course shows you how to stop your business chores taking time from your creative work looking at how to get started and how to beat distractions.

Designed to help you become more productive in both your creative work as well as support activities, this course will help get focused and make the most of your valuable time.

This course is for anyone who would like to expand their earning potential by diversifying their portfolio and creatively utilising their existing skills and experience in new ways.

It contains information, tips and exercises to help explore how you can develop and market new income streams.

Appreciating the ethical expectations and the rules of your chosen industry, and how national law can restrict and protect your professional activities can have a significant impact on your career, income and, in a very worst case, your liberty.

This means it’s worth having a general understanding at least of what could get you into trouble.

The course for anyone who runs a mile from doing their expenses, or finds thinking like a business an uphill struggle.

There are plenty of tips and practical advice.

This course aims to help you widen the group of people who know you professionally, and to make it clearer what your work is all about.

We also dispel some myths about marketing and networking, which should make them more effective - and much more enjoyable.

This course will help you consider the key elements of successful negotations so that you can establish better rates of pay and terms of agreement and avoid problems that might otherwise occur.

Advantages of being a creative freelance include freedom, flexibility and the ability to follow your own agenda. Downsides can include lack of certainty, little support and limited interactions with colleagues.

This course aims to help you handle some of the key psychological challenges that many freelances have told us they encounter including dealing with isolation, maintaining boundaries, motivation and recovering from setbacks, while still remaining upbeat and confident.

We’ve included plenty of exercises, tips and advice to help you stay positive, keep buoyant and remain focused on achieving your creative goals.

This course will show you, step by step, how social media can become a powerful ally in achieving your goal. From how to design your campaign to managing and maximising it's impact to get tangible results.

Social media are an integral part of many people’s lives. But for others they remain a mystery.

You may think of Facebook as a way of sharing photos of your cat, or maybe you see Twitter as something for people with nothing interesting to say and too much time on their hands.

In fact both these social networks are used by freelances to get better jobs and to engage with like-minded professionals. If that's something you'd like to do this is the eCourse for you.

Dealing with stress is something every freelance has to do at some point. This course looks at how stress works and how dangerous it can be, while identifying some of the key causes of stress in the freelance lifestyle.

We also bust some myths and provide plenty of tips for approaching life in a way that will help you feel healthy in mind and body.